Cast Iron Pair Esso Oil Drip Money Boxes German Version


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This pair of cast iron moneyboxes feature the Esso Oil Drop characters. Oil Drop Man was first used by Esso’s Danish division to explain the reasons for oil shortages during WW2. In 1958, Esso’s US division introduced him to American consumers. Nicknamed “Andy Slick”, he often appeared with a female companion, who gained the moniker “Abbey Slick”. This pair of cast iron moneyboxes is the German version , Herr Tropf and Frau Tropf,  They show the two characters happily waving. Finished in carefully hand painted colours and with coin slots on their backs, these are great to use not only as moneyboxes but also as ornaments in their own right. Very popular with fans of advertising memorabilia.

H: 24 cm ea
W: 10 cm ea
D: 10 cm ea
Weight: 3.00kg